Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest Blog: Great Clips Great Seats Sheryl Crow Review

Radio 96.1's guest blogger is Susie Potter, grand prize winner of the Sheryl Crow contest.  She won the Great Clips Great seats in the front row, got to meet Sheryl, and reviewed the show for us.  Here's what Susie has to say:

It’s been twenty years since Sheryl Crow released her (official) first album, Tuesday Night Music Club, but her high-energy performance style at DPAC’s intimate concert on August 3 proves that she’s still got what it takes to pack a house and keep a crowd on its toes. Clad in teeteringly-tall heels, a sleeveless white blouse, and some rocking red pants, Crow bounced onto DPAC’s stage, looking young and effortlessly cool. She wasted no time launching into her hit, “Steve McQueen,” after only the briefest of introductions. Complete with a glittering red, white, and blue guitar slung over her shoulder, sun-streaked blonde curls swinging as she moved to the music, and four guitar players on stage, Crow looked the very picture of Americana.

For her second song, Crow chose “All I Wanna Do,” arguably her biggest hit. She performed in sing-a-long style, which the audience happily obliged, before moving onto other favorites, including “My Favorite Mistake” and “The First Cut is the Deepest.” The night offered up some new hits too, however, and even featured some harmonica playing from Crow. Also enjoyable were her friendly asides to the audience. Crow celebrated the fact that she has a song in the kids’ movie Cars (“Real Gone”), and explained that the line in her song “Shotgun,” which advises listeners to “drive it like it’s stolen and park it like it’s rented,” comes from something her father used to say to her.
 The night was a perfect mix of classic Crow songs, new hits, and intimate, friendly banter that both long-time fans and new Crow enthusiasts could enjoy. Backed by a stellar band, DPAC’s always crystal-clear sound quality, and the smooth opening-number sounds of up-and-comer Weston Burt, Crow put on a truly unforgettable show. This reviewer, in particular, will always remember it, thanks in large part to the awesome fist-bump she got during “Soak up the Sun.”

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